Sugar cane Culture


Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane, having great importance in the country’s agribusiness. It is considered one of the greater alternatives for the biofuel sector, due to the great potential in the production of ethanol and the respective fundamental by-products in all sectors.


The application of OxiSUPER in plant cane occurs in some ways; By spreading in total area during the pre-planting, incorporated with fertilizer of profile and in the furrow of planting. This can be combined with fertilizer in cane ratoon. As the product does not need to be incorporated, that is, it has a high mobility in its profile, it can be applied to the total area or directly on the knuckle.


In cane plant, OxiPHÓS must be applied directly to the furrow of the planting. It is a non-aggressive fertilizer for the roots because it is not saline and has an alkaline pH. It has protected phosphorus, thus having better absorption of this element by the roots.