In Brazil, the vegetable market is a very important part of the country’s economy, in terms of consumption by the general population. Despite the importance of consuming these foods for health, Brazilians still do not have a frequent habit in their daily lives. But that does not mean that this scenario is not changing. Brazilians have been adopting a more positive attitude towards fruit and vegetables.


As these crops are of very short cycle, they need a product that is available immediately, correcting the soil and even providing essential nutrients for its proper development. OxiSUPER fits perfectly in this situation, correcting the soil immediately and still supplies Ca, Mg and S to the plants.
The best way to make use of OxiSUPER in Horticulture would be before planting, incorporating it next to the bed where the cultivation will be carried out. But it can be applied after planting too.


OxiPHÓS must be used in the pre-planting of these crops, respecting the need for phosphorus in each one. Because it has protected phosphorus and is a soil conditioner, this problem of absorption of the phosphorus element does not exist. Thus, in this way the plant absorbs phosphorus throughout its cycle, from planting to harvest.